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Schuh Technology

Hydromax Engineering & Services is pleased to annouce that we have been appointed distributors for Schuh Technology products. The measuring instruments of Schuh Technology is designed by a group of engineers from Germany who are highly committed to providing Accuracy, Warranty and Quality products.


Portable Hydrotest Units (PHU Series) 

Portable Hydrotest Units is practical and easy to use. It's compact and light weight design is suitable for on-site pressure testing. Various modifications for different applications are available upon request.


Technical Consultations And Labour Services

With  15 years of hands on experience in supporting offshore based operations and providing quality services for high pressure application like hydrotest units, gas boosters. air operated pumps & etc. Hydromax Engineering & Services is a solution provider for needs within industries in the marine, oil/gas, aerospace, petrochemical, plant facilities, automation plant, semiconductor, heavy lifting, energy sector and etc.

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