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New Builds Systems & Site Installation

  • Hydrotest System - The hydrotest system we supply comes in all shapes and sizes. The pressure rating of our pumps can go as high as 150,000psi / 6,000bar. Some application for our hydrotesting units includes pressure testing for hoses, valve testing & etc. We also offers hydrotest systems which require both high flow and high pressure. Do contact us to find out more. Also do find our more on our signature PHU Series, Portable Hydrotesting Units. Click Here to see pressure range.
  • Gas Booster System - Hydromax Automation & Engineering Pte Ltd provides Gas systems for gas transfer and pressure testing. The pressure rating for our gas booster system cna go as high as 25,000psi. Some of the gases we have handled includes N2, H2, CH4, industrial air, O2, CO2 & etc. 
  • Site Installation Works. Building & Facilities Management - We also supply labour for installation works with piping & valves at site or plant. Maintenance & repair works within the assembly plant or workshop facilities. Building facilities (Example: Water pump, electical works & etc).
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Works - Wiring of electrical junction box, conveyors, heater panels, module wiring & etc.
  • Customization Units & Products - We provide customization of systems and panels for all hydraulic or pneumatic applications. We specialize in providing low cost customization but at the same time do not compromise the quality of the system being customized. Click Here to see our past works.

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